Rockingham Reacreational trail

Discussion in 'New Hampshire' started by Dan151, Sep 1, 2008.

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    was up there last weekend and just thought i would give people a review of what its like.

    its an old 18 mile rail road bed that beens torn up and turned into a recreational trail. plenty of places to park all along the trail. starts in Windham and ends in fremont. it goes through like 4 towns.

    a nice thing was part of the trail in Sandown, NH crosses a road with a convenient store on the side where u can just park your bike in a spot and get food and drinks. cop parked next to me and didn't even look twice.

    i would give the trail a 7/10. its aimed more torwards atvs because its basically a straight shot from one end to the next. there are about 10 sandpits on the sides of the trail but they are all on private land.

    me and my freind went into one of the pits for about 2 minutes on our dirt bikes thinking we wouldn't get caught and right as were leaving a f*cking EPOOO guy on a quad comes over and gives us both 120 dollar tickets for trespassing:(. we were lucky he didn't Decibel check us because my friends kdx had an fmf gnarly pipe and shorty silencer on it and my 450r is just f*cking loud ahah

    so all in all its a great trail for cruising on the utilities and other atvs but gets boring for the dirt bikers. great weekend ride spot!I:I

    if you are interested, a good place to unload is at "1 stark road, Windham, NH 03038" or u can go to the other end of the trail at "570 main street, Fremont, NH, 03044" you will see it, its a huge gravel parking lot for the trail and there are signs and maps.

    make sure your registration is up to par. The EPOOO is out there=))

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