I know it’s not a blaster but help 49cc pit bike

Discussion in 'Body' started by NotThatHill, Sep 2, 2019.

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    192D6A0E-A469-48AC-A7AC-EE13C0182B1C.jpeg 825D966C-7C1F-404A-84B7-BE113068A7CB.jpeg 064ADDD3-76DF-41B8-B4BC-E566E80D6A32.jpeg Okay so I was given these two bikes neither one started, hell I couldn’t even see the motor on the one at first but I took them, dug into the first with the kid ended up taking it all the way to the frame and cleaned up/redid everything on it, even let the boy do his first paint job he’s 7 the bike looks and runs good but I have to many bikes so she needs to go can anyone give me maybe a brand or what these bikes go for? the second one is maybe a parts bike with an electric motor unless someone can give me a couple tips wouldn’t mind rebuilding that too thank you for reading

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