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Aug 15, 2018
Feb 7, 2009
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Aug 15, 2018
    1. 89blaster89
      hey i know you probally dont but you never know i guess, anyways do you have ANY blaster parts left?
    2. Herpderplol
      Have you been getting my pms? You havent answered me for like 3 days...
      Im really interested, just need some answers, please call/text/ contact me ASAP I:I
    3. slickerthanyou
      Glad to see ya stop back in!
    4. arturom_1987
      Whats up man I have been trying to look for your thread upon how to exactly wire up a battery for my blaster. Can you send me the link

      much appreciated
    5. twitchit72
      do you still have ears for blaster swing arm for sale? if so are these for the "round carrier" or the other type?
    6. xKroniK13x
      Could you post some new pics of blastersaurus? The old ones got taken down. Thanks.
    7. bonzaiking
      hi i have a new inside rotor ignition i bought a timinggun. do you know what is a good map for a fully modified blaster?? greetz pascal
    8. super noober
      super noober
      lol good point, dirt track, 300'
    9. super noober
      super noober
      ahhh godfather i come to you again lol ive got my first dragrace coming up saturday and im wondering if solid bars instead of shocks is a worthwhile mod? thanks man -noob
    10. super noober
      super noober
      hey godfather wazzup, would you do me a favor and check out my weird noise thread in engine and give me your opinion? on the last page i posted a vid, can you take a peek?
    11. blastngo92
      hey man you woudnt happen to have a rear break caliper on hand would you?
    12. phragle
      dpends on the arm and size...
    13. yzrider
      hey bro, how much travel would u guess the a arms are gonna make with the re located shock mounts?
    14. yzrider
      well, i couldn't make a drawing cause the cp is kinda being retarted, but i'll make a mock up of it to give u a idea later, these mounts should work out pretty well
    15. yzrider
      alright bro, i picked up some 1 x 36 3/16" flat stock, that should be good, i was thinkin or making the mounts like a box, i'll make a drawing of it with the computer and give u a idea of what i'm thinkin with my shock mounts
    16. yzrider
      thats kinda what i'v been tellin my dad, i'll run it by him
    17. yzrider
      hey bro, how much would it be for the adjustable shock mounts, are they top mounts or bottom, how do they work, i have no money rite now, but i will soon, do u have any pics of these?
    18. yzrider
      hey bro, i got a suspension ?? for u, i just picked up a pair of yfz shocks, i was thinkin, if i got some 1/4 inch steel, bent it to match the width of the bottom mount of the yfz shock, and wleded it flush to the stock mount, with the hole for the bolt about 2 inches out, do you think it would work???
    19. super noober
      super noober
      hey man, i put a 175 jet in my blaster up from a 155 and the overheating/ not wanting to idle didnt happen this time. when you check your egt what do you like to see? and do you have it mounted to your bike or do you drill a hole then fill it? thanks alot man your the best at the temp questions with your desert experience.
    20. super noober
      super noober
      just had to say that is some amazing work you did on that swingarm. that thing is beautiful.
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