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Jul 29, 2014
    1. XxblasterboyxX
      Go ahead and bid on that auction no one has yet!
    2. Luni
      Usually by default your profile settings are set to "subscribe" to threads you post in, or create. Theres an option in your profile under options I think. You want your subscription options to either be set to subscribe - email notification, or subscribe - no email notification. I just have it set to no notification. When I come here, I click on "Quicklinks" and subscribed threads. If Im the last poster, nobodys answered. If Im not, then someones posted.
    3. blasterboy2000
      how do i check what people have said on a new therd i posted ?
    4. Awk08
      hey bro
      got loot in my paypal
      shoot me that paypal addy, i'll transfer and respond with my shipping info
    5. jawslive
      i tried what you said about the it same like it has compression i replaced the spark plug and yes it still has the tors i havent owned a bike in about ten years i picked it up off craigslist for 800 guy said it was bored over 50 was garage kept but it looks like its been rode hard i dont mind putting the money or time in to fix it i just dont know where to start like i said 3 gear wide open and it just lost power and died it also looked like i was spitting oil out crank case i might be screwed any suggestions thank you
    6. 1995blaster
      chat bar man...........
    7. Luni
      Oh BTW that maxima filter was garbage.
    8. Luni
      Oh it appears to be just fine man. Looking at it compared to the UNI ones Ive seen, it appears to be the same damn thing. its a 2 stage, so the rougher stuff on the outside, then a smoother stuff on the inside. It appears to be worth it.
    9. royalt67
      Hey Luni,

      How is that Maxima filter? I've been meaning to buy one. Smokin price on those.
    10. Luni
      I was below the dam, but I was prolly a mile downstream around a bend in the river. Theres a landing that you cast out from that hits the bend and they seem to sit in the bend. Thats where I caught my big lake trout (well big for a river fish - Id say 24-27 inches is a good sized fish). And I caught some small cutthroats with my flyrod in the faster current there also. I didnt see any otters tho.
    11. tyler1blaster
      oh ok. i was right below the dam. i tried down river a bit but the water was moving waay to fast. you really have to get the lure out far right under the dam to catch em.

      and was there an annoying otter that was swimming around? or did you hear any peeping?
    12. Luni
      Yeah dude, I caught mine spincasting too. 4 foot 6 inch ugly stick with 4 lb test line on it. Its awesome up there. I love it.
    13. tyler1blaster
      Heres one from the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Caught 3 "small" lake trout out of the river below the damn for Jackson Lake

      i was just there 2 weeks ago. i caught a cutthroat, 4 lake trout, and a mountain whitefish. but on spincast. its beautiful there isn't it?
    14. shadetreeatv
      Hay dude i got your heel gards if u still need them pm me
    15. 98blaster+4
      hey man u still need that right side foot peg? i got one om me
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