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Klamath Falls, Southern Oregon

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May 4, 2012
    1. BrigmanPros22
      I have a 2004 Blaster do you have the Repair Manual. I need to find out how to install the Stop Switch for the Brake Light. just wan to make sure I'm doing it right. Thanks.
    2. JBRoc01blaster
      What's goin on man, I saw one of your posts talkin about how everyone with an 01,02, or 03 blaster should check out that supplemental manual. Id really appreciate it if you could send it to my e-mail cause I got an 01 blaster but I only have the regular 88-05 clymer manual and I'm always tryin to learn more about my baby haha. My e-mail is [email protected], thanks bro !
    3. royalt67
      Hah, thanks Scot. Been superbusy and time is limited even so. Getting ready to move to AZ. Selling things, throwing s__t out. It's crazy.
    4. scotj77
      who are you????? lol nice to see ya back around man.
    5. drgnfly5179
    6. speedemon17
      found u a carb obo
    7. Whitty21
      it was u who got that polished hex head bolt kit for pretty cheap right, where did u get it again?
    8. petersenj20
      Can you send me the manual supplements? I would much appreciate it.
    9. Ian Royal #31
      Ian Royal #31
      Fix my crankshaft!!
    10. DickBob
      I have a 2001 Blaster that I'm parting out. Make an offer on that steering stem if you still need one.

      Jason Blackwell
    11. brandoz28
      For the case splitter, get a harmonic alancer puller from your favorite auto parts place, you can rent one for around 15-20 bucks IIRC. if you want, i can loan you my crank installer when you get ready to do it.
    12. speedemon17
      how much for the nerf bars swingarm and the a-arms give me a price seperatley
    13. super noober
      super noober
      come to chat :) i need snowmobile carb advise lol
    14. blasterfreek30
      hey bro can u send me ur addy so i can send u your BOTM sticker for winning september..thanx bro
    15. 1bad442
      vote for blaster of the month in contest section theres some nice quads to pick from
    16. R&S Polishing
      R&S Polishing
      hey man you answered some carb questions for me last week "1/4 throttle" can you help me out w/more info? i changed the pilot back to stock 32.5 moved the needle down 1 to 2nd notch from top and threw in a 310 main jet. runs a little smoother on the bottom end to aprox 1/2 throttle. and yhen it starts to sputter if lou are hammering on it. but if you roll on it slowly past 1/2 throttle it picks up the rpms and has crazy power for a little blaster. my question go leaner w main? or main and needle need to be leaner? any help would be appriciated !!!! getting a little frustrated...Bret
    17. 2g00d4u
      thanks for your help, I'm probably going to buy a predator in the next month.
    18. 2g00d4u
      sounds awesome. I'm stuck between buying it next, or a Scrambler 400 4x4 2 stroke.
      I'm not a big jumper, so that won't be an issue, nor do I race, so it should last a long time, but do you trail ride a lot? Can it handle mud or would I be better off with that 4x4?
    19. 2g00d4u
      is it reliable?
    20. 2g00d4u
      Your sig says you have a Predator 500, is it any good?? I may buy one.
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    Klamath Falls, Southern Oregon
    I call this Blaster my latest obsession. It is actively raced by my 12 yr old son, and tweaked by me

    MX, all things mechanical