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    I've seen some mention of pic upload failure due to overly large pictures.
    i know at least my cell and camera pics are gy-normous when veiwed on my laptop without the program resizing them to fit the screen.
    thats what fools everyone, most programs are set to auto resize pics to fit the programs screensize, but they are actually way too large for uploading here.

    here's what i've used for all my pic editing, cropping, and resizing to save them in a new smaller, forum freindly, file size:
    very small, easy to use, free to download/use program.

    I use/save everything in .JPG format if it isn't already.
    I've found that cell/camera pics are huge, resized to 22%-33% of the original size seems to be a good veiwable size on my computer and easily uploaded to the forum. if it fits fully veiwable in the ifranveiw screen, and saved as that size, it will upoload to here.

    here's a resize/save example......
    irfanveiw as opened, and progressing thru a pic resize.

    firstly, irfanveiw needs set to "do not resize anything" and you'll see just how large most pics are

    click: "veiw" - "display options" - check "do not fit anything"
    now it is set to veiw pics in their original sizes

    choose "file/open" to find the pic you want to veiw/resize, or just double click the pic if irfanveiw was auto set as default pic veiwer.

    here's an untouched cell pic from a kitchen i just built this past week, in it's original form it's huge @ 2.82mb (see circled info)

    to resize it, click "image - resize/resample"

    clicking resize above opens the edit box, be sure the "set as percentage" button is checked, then change 100% to 22%, it will automatically adjust the height to match the width, click "OK" for this option
    if it's too small/large, click "edit - undo" and it will return to it's original size and try a different percentage, nothing is saved until the next step.

    you will now see the newly resized pic is fully veiwable, and reduced in size from 2.82mb (to large to upload here) to a small 119kb.
    this pic actually fills the screen on my 17" laptop, the forum upload resized it to fit here
    (btw....that backsplash is far too "busy" for my liking, but thats what my customer wanted :) )

    to save the newly resized pic, click "file - save(original folder)" and click "save" again in the next box that opens. that overwrites the original file with the new smaller size.

    the pic is now saved at 22% of it's original size, is very user/forum freindly, ready for uploading here, and also doesn't hog up all your hard drive space.
    you can also use "save as" to create a new resized file if you'd like to keep the original. you'll need to change the name, or it will ask to overwrite the original if saved in the same folder.

    it's not as complicated as this made it look, play around with some junk pics until you get the hang of it and you'll soon be resizing, formatting, color correcting, and adding lettering to all your pics like a pro.

    hope this helps :)
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    eastern australia
    Nice one Joe but too complicated for this old guy.

    My way is to right click on the pic file, select the option to open in Paint.

    Top left of screen a resize tab will show, click and choose percentage, save . done.
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    my version of paint requires clicking the image tab, then choosing resize and the percentage of both height and width seperately ?
    but i do now see it has that option.
    maybe a click or 2 less than in the irfanveiw program ?
    whatever is easiest, at least we shed some light for those struggling with uploading pics

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