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Dec 26, 2009
Aug 25, 2009
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Dec 26, 2009
    1. 1995blaster
      hey i saw on the bumble bee build u have a 03 hood for sale do u still have it? pm the awnser
    2. little3mil
      I knew this kid was af f*ckin faggot when he lied about having a ek hatchback it looked like he copied and pasted it on the forum from a racing mag. then tried talkin sh*t about my car??!?! def a loser and I had a feeling he was always lieing about everything.
    3. Blaster200boy
      Can't believe you did that to yb. and I just saw the thread they WERE gonna make you a Moderator! Just give yb his sh*t and grow a sack while your at it....I trusted you just like the other members did....What a shame to have you in this BF community!
    4. Boostfed
      good bye.... thief
    5. tyler1blaster
      ya got 1 less freind man.......... hope ya stop by the church soon to appologize
    6. yzrider
      i don't know if you know this but stealing over the internet is just like stealing a persons wallet or purse, if i knew where you live i would have you arrested, just know this, if i ever see your blaster again, i'm goin mafia, man uo dude, life won't give you everything, you must work for it like everybody else, it's people like you that make me not trust anyone, for all i care you can go die in a crash with the rest of your crook, hilljck family and i wouldn't care.
    7. tyler1blaster
      dude i trusted u and u helped me out a-lot but now you have lost my trust......... give yb his a-arms! u got 12 more days till ur banned! hahahaha man up!

      make things right! stop scamming the bf community!

      just remember this
    8. yb200
      well put boost...........
    9. Boostfed
      Dude i dont even know you but a crook is a crook... Do yourself a favor and pay the man in cash or give him his sh*t.. its just that simple... you claim your now unemployed..well sir.. THATS WHAT UNEMPLOYMENT IS a claim and get your money..give the man HIS sh*t back..its simple. dont be like the other 1000000000 scam artist's on the net.. these people are your friends and if you have the sack enough to make it right ASAP. you just might save takes a bigger man to admit when he's wrong..
    10. blaster01
      dude, grow a pair and man up and just give YB his part of the trade back or go through with it, and give everyone else there parts and money u owe them back too u f**king crook
    11. Yamaha20
      You fail..........
    12. blasterdemon7
      I don't know why you want to do this to people that trusted you and wanted to be your is sad to see some one fall off like this.I hope you will let god show you the rite way.
    13. mr_3_0_5
      why even bother popping on and off to delete the messages, you been on here for a while you know how this forum works, we all look out for eachother your name on here is ruined over the dumbest crap.. nobody likes a liar bro..
    14. Mrs_3_0_5
      MAKE IT RIGHT...OR GET OUT!!!! its not ok to scam people!!! KARMA :)
    15. yb200
      and all along i thought you were a good guy....i guess not
    16. yzrider
      man, i used to think you were a good person, shows me not to trust anymore, thanx your a great role model, not!!!!!!!!!!
    17. yb200
      go ahead and keep deleting my messages ill make sure everyone knows what kind of person you are
    18. yb200
      why dont you f*cking be a man and make sh*t have done nothing but give me the f*cking run around...i am about to get you neg rep
    19. yb200
      where is my sh*t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    20. super noober
      super noober
      erase my message will ya... GO FALCONS!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! haha :)
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