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  1. Awk08
    Awk08 Larry's Shee
    Don't eat the yellow snow :)
  2. Inked soul
    Inked soul
    Waiting on my new carb!
  3. moefie35
    Awk08 I put my tors back on and now it holds a steady idle and won’t shut off but still can’t change idle
  4. Enzo
    Can’t wait to ride!
  5. Enzo
    Enzo Awk08
    Hey are you still selling those leak down testers? I put in a new sudco carb and I’m still having high idle issues. Idle is all over the place.
    1. Awk08
      I do not bud, sales fell off and wasn't worth me ordering and sitting on a bunch of parts
      Nov 19, 2020
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  6. TrynaLearn
    TrynaLearn Awk08
    Hey awk08... whats your opinion on the diamond j widening kit trail riding
    1. Awk08
      I've not heard of any breaking ever, but do kinda remember something about alot of bumpsteer, I think that's the tires cocking on their own over heavy terrain or landing jumps. the geometry just isn't right. I'd go with a wider budget a-arm over that kit anyday
      Jun 19, 2020
  7. Taco
    Searching for a clutch boss spring please message me if you can help me out.
  8. blaster7
    blaster7 DUALSTROKE
    Hey buddy, long time no see. Hope time is treating you well man.
  9. Cam defran
    Cam defran Awk08
    Hey awk I'm converting to rear hydros and I see your the man for fabrication advice...I want to save the stock heel gaurds if I can do you know of any way to mount the master cyl without having to ixnay the gaurds? Any advice will be much appreciated
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    2. Awk08
      my answer was to many words for here, PM sent
      May 15, 2020
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  10. blaster7
    Just picked up a new to me 95 blaster, after a long stay away, I’m back and looking forward to helping some members out.
  11. moefie35
    Any1 know anything about a old school 1981 yamaha tt 250 dirtbike carb. carb with a bar that goes up and down with throttle
  12. Tooloose
    Tooloose Awk08
    Hey Awk! I'm getting ready to put a new piston( Wisco pro lite stock) replacement ( stock )66 mil. Is the compression ratio higher with this prolite piston? The the current piston is a China replacement Stock piston kit. It has relief on the piston top, facing the exhaust port.
    1. Awk08
      I don't believe there are any pistons that advertise increased compression, we have learned raising compression without adjusting the squish band and combustion chamber of the head is a risk for detonation and frying the piston. if you're looking for more compression, the Ken Oconnor Racing head mod is the way to go. ....
      Feb 25, 2020
  13. Cam defran
    Cam defran
    Easiest way to mount my new maxxis ambush 18x10x8 treadz....???
    1. DKavcak
      Spray brake cleaner inside the tire, set it on fire, and then continue spraying brake clean until it seats. Don't forget to have a valve stem in there with the valve core IN.
      Feb 14, 2020
  14. Cam defran
    Cam defran
    How do I compress photos so they will post to my profile
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  15. 79 bronco
    79 bronco
  16. Jbozz
    Jbozz Blaaster
    I have a question, would my stock blaster run ok with a 28mm flat slide mikunii carb
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  17. 79 bronco
    79 bronco
    Hi people! Facebook blaster stuff sucks! Blasterforum is the place to beeeeeeeee! Where is everyone?
  18. STurnerXM2010
    “Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll die tomorrow.” James Dean
  19. Mackerdoots
    Mackerdoots Awk08
    1. Awk08
      I need that for on my boat :)
      May 5, 2019
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  20. Rubbersalt
    Your not using enough oil!