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  1. moefie35
    Any1 know anything about a old school 1981 yamaha tt 250 dirtbike carb. carb with a bar that goes up and down with throttle
  2. Tooloose
    Tooloose Awk08
    Hey Awk! I'm getting ready to put a new piston( Wisco pro lite stock) replacement ( stock )66 mil. Is the compression ratio higher with this prolite piston? The the current piston is a China replacement Stock piston kit. It has relief on the piston top, facing the exhaust port.
    1. Awk08
      I don't believe there are any pistons that advertise increased compression, we have learned raising compression without adjusting the squish band and combustion chamber of the head is a risk for detonation and frying the piston. if you're looking for more compression, the Ken Oconnor Racing head mod is the way to go. ....
      Feb 25, 2020
  3. Cam defran
    Cam defran
    Easiest way to mount my new maxxis ambush 18x10x8 treadz....???
    1. DKavcak
      Spray brake cleaner inside the tire, set it on fire, and then continue spraying brake clean until it seats. Don't forget to have a valve stem in there with the valve core IN.
      Feb 14, 2020
  4. Cam defran
    Cam defran
    How do I compress photos so they will post to my profile
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  5. 79 bronco
    79 bronco
  6. Jbozz
    Jbozz Blaaster
    I have a question, would my stock blaster run ok with a 28mm flat slide mikunii carb
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  7. 79 bronco
    79 bronco
    Hi people! Facebook blaster stuff sucks! Blasterforum is the place to beeeeeeeee! Where is everyone?
  8. STurnerXM2010
    “Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll die tomorrow.” James Dean
  9. Mackerdoots
    Mackerdoots Awk08
    1. Awk08
      I need that for on my boat :)
      May 5, 2019
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  10. Rubbersalt
    Your not using enough oil!
  11. speedyslyder
    Been busy bringing home the BACON
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  12. 5Caleb9
    Prepare for more!
  13. 5Caleb9
    Blaster issue:FIXED!!
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  14. 5Caleb9
    Blaster issue: Still present :/
  15. moefie35
    moefie35 Awk08
    Awk hey can u check out my post and help
  16. moefie35
    I posted a link to video of problem im havin if anyone could help out
  17. speedyslyder
    viewing forum list a moment ago.
    JUNN03BLSTR DrywallDoc
    How much for that +6 swingarm
  19. Blaster064
    Climbing the ladder
  20. chevymuddman
    chevymuddman Awk08
    Mr. Moderator I haven't seen you in forever. My God has it been to long
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    2. Awk08
      Whats up buddy, you're right, way too long. get your ass to our summer ride at Mountain ridge this year ?
      Mar 31, 2018
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    3. chevymuddman
      That's cool that your having it there . It's been 2yrs since I rode anything but getting the itch.
      Apr 1, 2018
    4. Awk08
      keep in touch, bring the golf cart if you have too :) probably mid/late july.
      Apr 1, 2018