Tips/Help on KTM SX125 top end Rebuild

Discussion in 'Other' started by Blaster528, Nov 11, 2016.

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    Tube is in and back tire is on. Water pump rebuilt, but the clutch cover hasn't put itself back on yet:)
    Theres a gear underneath the kickstart assembly, i believe its the idle gear?
    It also meshes with the clutch basket.
    It has a little movemovent about a cm, like i can push and pull it. Is that normal?
    Also im not sure if the kickstart assembly is working properly, if i put the kicker on and push down sometimes it feels like it doesnt grab completely.... then itll grab.
    IDK if its just me since its not like the blaster.
    I cleaned the forks and they appear not to be leaking, so either ran out of oil or they were just dirty?
    They still feel like they get stuck or dont come all the way up, im hoping its triple clamps overtorqued

    Glad that warmer weather is among us:D
    Sorry for long post

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