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    I’m new here and have used this forum and YouTube to get me through to where I am now. Got a 03 Blaster from my girlfriends daughter it threw a piston and through the case and sat outside for 3yr. I have never worked on a 2stroke or blaster before. Pulled the motor split the cases and replaced all the seals and all the bearings. Re assembled with all new gaskets. Unfortunately I did not know about the poorly manufactured China-parts but ordered the top end kit and installed. Compression was very poor at 60psi found on of the rings was bent, reinstalled old rings and now have 120psi.

    Read about the leak down test and made a tool, leaked around the reed cage, sealed it up and held at 10psi for 10min.

    I miss read the stator testing guild on the 03 blaster an thought my coils where bad ordered new coils and and replaced using the old plate, everything ohm out good, have good spark on every kick from what I can tell. Any suggestions on what I can look for now to get this to start?? My foot is bruised from some of the piston kickback it is brutal when kicking to fast!

    just to add it did have the Tors already m deleted, I did clean the carb soaked all the parts for a few days in carb cleaner. Has a stock 230 main jet and but it back together, later set the float after reading it could be flooding and one of the problems. Took off the tors cable and added a new delete cable and cap kit but have not drilled for the idler regular yet.
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