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    Found this tid bit of info recently on another forum and it works like a charm. No more blank pics. All the old pics will actually show up once installed. If you are running IE there is no fix. Although IE is so outdated no one should be running it nowadays.

    Photobucket Fix ...

    If you're running Google Chrome:

    Click on the three dots on the right side of the screen;
    A drop down should appear;
    Hover over "More Tools";
    When the next drop down appears, click on "Extensions";
    Go to the link towards the bottom that says "Get More Extensions";
    In the search box, type "Photobucket Fix";
    Click "Enter";
    Click the "Install";
    Once the install is complete you should be able to see Photobucket linked photos again.

    If you're running FireFox:

    Click the three bars at the top right of your screen;
    Click "Add Ons";
    Click in the search box and search "photobucket hotlink" ... Photobucket Hotlink should be the first result in the list that's generated;
    Click install;
    Reload the forum.

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