October 2013 BOTM Entries

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    Entries for Blaster Of The Month (October 2013) are now open!

    Please make sure you have read the following thread before creating your entry.
    "Blaster Of The Month Entry Details, Rules and Requirements..."​

    Entries should be posted below by copy and pasting the completed modification form with your details.
    The modification form can be found here...

    Only entrants for this months contest should post in here ! ​

    Have a great time and GOOD LUCK!​
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    The Burg OR
    A Arms: ASR +3+2
    Swingarm: +4
    Steering Stem: Stock w/ +1 Risers
    Stabilizer: N/a
    Axle : Durablue +2+2 Banshee
    Carrier: Rad's Dual Row Billet
    Locknut: Durablue Lok'd nut
    Hubs F|R: Banshee
    Bars: ProTaper
    Throttle/Clutch Lever: ASV/Billet Banshee
    Grips: Rogue ODI
    Nerfs: Nice Ones
    Bumper: Blingstar
    Grab Bar: Blingstar
    Front Shocks: Elka Stage 2 YFZ450 with relocation brackets
    Rear Shock: LTZ400
    Brake Lines: Braided Stainless Streamline
    Rotors F|R: Banshee Wave Rotor
    Rims F|R: Douglas/G-Force
    Tires F|R: Skat Trak

    Body: 02 up cut
    Frame: 87
    Plastic: 02 up cut
    Graphics|Seat Cover: Monster
    Number Backgrounds: N/a
    Handguards: N/a
    Bar Pad: Pro taper
    Fuel Tank: Stock

    Engine|Drive System: ya
    Cylinder|Head: milled
    Bore & Stroke: 240 3mil
    Displacement: 240+
    Carburetor: 35PWK
    Air Filter|Box: K&N
    Pipe|Silencer: Dynoport Right bend
    Clutch|Plates: Dirt Digger & 60lb springs
    Gearing F|R: stock
    CDI|Killswitch: Tusk
    Cooling: I wish
    Other: no paint- all powder ALL!

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  3. Racer51

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    Unemployed :(
    Northwest Ohio
    Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
    A Arms: Stock a-arms
    Swingarm: Black Pearl Flake stock length
    Steering Stem: Stock
    Stabilizer: None
    Axle : Stock
    Carrier: Stock with zerk fitting to add grease
    Locknut: stock
    Hubs F|R: Stock front and Banshee rear hubs that will fit warrior 350 raptor 350 raptor 660 and 700
    Bars: Stock yellow sunburst
    Throttle/Clutch Lever: Motion Pro Twist throttle Chrome clutch lever
    Grips: Pro Taper stage 3 half waffle grips
    Nerfs: None
    Bumper: AC front bumper
    Grab Bar: New but stock
    Front Shocks: Stock
    Rear Shock: Honda TRX 450R rear shock
    Brake Lines: stock
    Rotors F|R: stock
    Rims F|R: Front stock steel Rear Aluminum
    Tires F|R: 19x7-10 Holeshot MXR6's Rear Turf tamers

    Frame: Stock dimentions Sun Yellow color
    Plastic: Race shaved front Plastic
    Graphics|Seat Cover: Logo stickers Stock seat cover
    Number Backgrounds: #51 front and back
    Handguards: None
    Bar Pad: New Rockstar
    Fuel Tank: Stock size

    Engine|Drive System:
    Cylinder|Head: Stock 121 PSI Compression
    Bore & Stroke: Stock
    Displacement: 195cc
    Reeds: Boyesen Pro Series Reeds
    Carburetor: OKO 30mm
    Air Filter Uni Pod filter off the carb
    Pipe|Silencer: Toomey B1 top end pipe
    Clutch|Plates: Minimal hours on a DP clutch pack
    Gearing F|R: 13 to 40
    CDI|Killswitch: Killswitch teather no key
    Cooling: Air cooled with premium gas and amsoil dominator mixed at 32:1
  4. 79 bronco

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    Custom metal fabricator
    I don"t know???????
    Chassis | Suspension | Controls:

    A Arms: American Star +3 up 1 Pro X A-Arms with Custom stainless skid plates
    Swingarm: Custom +4 Long Travel Round house with Removable shock mount
    Steering stem: Stock with Tusk handlebar riser kit
    Stabilizer: CCP Steering Stabilizer
    Carrier: Blue Anodized 35mm Round House Twin Row Carrier
    Locknut: Modquad Aluminum Axle Double Locking Lock nut
    Hubs: F/R: Banshee / Stock
    Throttle/Clutch lever: Polished and modified / Banshee
    Grips: ODI Lock on grips
    Bumper: Custom Aluminum Mad Dog bumper
    Grab Bar: RPM products 6-pack rack
    Front Shocks: Works SRS Dual Rate with Rez
    Rear Shocks: Works Ultracross with Rez
    Brake Lines: All Breaided stainless lines
    Rotors F/R: Banshee / Wave roter with Lonestar Racing Billet Aluminum Axle Brake Rotor Hub
    Rims F/R: Douglas .190
    Tires F/R: Kenda Rront Max 22x8x10 / Maxxis All Trak 22x11x10

    Frame: Stock with Custom stainless skid plate
    Plastic: Maier custom banshee rear fender with Custom stainless fender mounts and braces
    Maier Blaster racing front fender
    Maier 450 vented hood
    Maier 400ex front fender extensions with Custom stainless fender brace
    Fuel Tank: IMS 4gal with banshee petcock
    Seat Cover: Ceet racing seat cover
    Heel Guards: Raptor
    Bar Pad: Renthal

    Engine|Drive System:
    Cylinder|Head: CT Sonic 240 with 72.50 piston
    Bore & Stroke: CT 240 with 72.50 piston / +4 mm Hot Rod stroker
    Displacement: 252cc
    Carburetor: Keihin 36 PWK & 250r V-force 3 reed assembly
    Air Filter|Box: oversized UNI | Custom Alum & Outerwears air box cover
    Pipe|Silencer: CT/CT
    Clutch|Plates: Barnett Dirt digger
    Gearing F|R: 14/40
    Cooling: Air cooled with Custom diamond plate aluminum Air scoop
    Ignition system: PRO Design adjustable timing stator plate with Moose High Output 75w Stator kit / Ricks Hot Shot CDI / Ricks Hot Shot Ignition Coil with NGK plug cap

    Custom Aluminum Stator cover with Case saver, shift rod support and removable sprocket guard
    Custom diamond plate aluminum oil pump cover
    Custom stainless steel light mount with Dual 35w head lights and aluminum roost guard
    Custom Alum rear wheel spacers
    Custom Alum air box
    Custom Stainless frame guards
    Custom hydro disc front spindles
    Custom rear hydro disc brake bracket
    Polished clutch cover
    Polished Master Cylinder Cover
    Modquad rear Alum brake reservoir & cap
    Tusk polished folding shift lever
    Vitos oil injection block off
    T.M. Designworks no leak alloy pipe collar
    Tusk billet brake line clamps
    Dual Bearing Chain Roller modification
    Modified swingarm skid plate
    Dual footpeg modd




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