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    Hello all, I have been reading a few threads here for information and decided to join up.
    I rode two stroke dirt bikes in early-mid 1970’s , had a H2 Kawasaki in 1980 , but haven’t owned any two strokes other than weed eaters since. I have worked on my sons YZ 250 a few times in the past.
    I now have a friends 2003 Blaster in my shop for rehab. The Blaster quit running 6-7 years ago and has been stored since. TOR is probably what made it quit, I did a quick clean of carb and synced the tor and have had it running for 1 bowl of premix. It’s clear that it needs more work.
    You have a good forum here, lots of helpful knowledgeable members I see offering advice.

    Thanks for admitting me, Richard, “Sandbox”

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