Greetings from the cradle of humankind!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by KrugerBlaster, Aug 9, 2019.

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    Good day all!

    I am a new blaster owner from South Africa, I reside somewhat 20km just outside the cradle of humankind in a town called Krugersdorp.

    I bought my blaster earlier this year, around March or April I can't recall exactly. I am a 24 year old accounting major student busy in my post graduate year. Next year I will be starting at a medium sized audit firm close to Johannesburg. I have quite a bit of technical knowledge and I'm quite nifty with a tool in my hand, never afraid to get down and dirty with a car or bike. I have been riding quads since I was 6 or 7 and I have two old VW's that I love working on.

    My blaster is an '06 white fenders and with the red frame, I got it for a VERY good price due to the people not knowing much about what bike they had and them having financial issues as well as a leaky carb which they couldn't afford to fix (it still leaks, I replaced the needle and seat but I think they messed with the float too much. But that's for another thread). It's in very good condition as well physically.


    It's tires are nearly done, needs to be replaced really soon. It came with a Tusk nerf bar and rear spacers as well. Everything else on the bike is bone stock. I'm not new to quad bikes, however I've only ever owned those Chinese craptors that rides really hard and has no travel on the shocks as well as vibrate you to death while riding. This is my first ever brand name bike, not my first 2-stroke. My very first quad was a 100cc 2stroke Kazuma Panda, which I believe was a Chinese ripoff of the LT80.

    This is my fastest bike by far and I love it, my friend has an LTZ400 and we go riding together quite often. The bikes are about the same speed wise, but I prefer the blaster due to it being smaller and way easier to throw around on the dirt. My 150cc Chinese bike doesn't like going fast and is REALLY uncomfortable on longer rides, tank slaps on every fricking bump might just make me never be able to have kids lol. Plus I would often slow down our trail riding due to my 150cc not being able to keep up with the bigger bikes. I still have the 150 but I don't ride since the Yamaha spoilt me too much.

    I still have so many plans for this bike, I want to get a full FMF fatty pipe as well as perhaps a protaper handle bar. Maybe a performance kit. But first priority right now is saving up for new tires. Those things are expensive and cost about the same as my daily driver's tires. Which is a difficult expense to justify as a student lol. I would LOVE to get the same tires again which I believe are the Maxxis MXRace tires, but by all means if you have a better suggestion for tires I'd love to hear it!

    Anyway that's me!
    So Hi and stuff xD
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    Welcome aboard !
    sounds like you've got a solid plan for the new ride, keep the posts coming as you work on and ride it

    as for tires ..... I've run Kenda, ITP, Maxxis, Carlisle & GBC with good results,
    Artrax & Goldspeed names also popped up in an eBay search
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