Converting a cable rear brake to any Yamaha hydraulic caliper

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    Pretty much all Yamaha sport quads (Blaster, Banshee, Raptor, Wolverine) use pretty much the same rear brake setup, the same caliper and master cylinder.
    Here is the typical rear caliper:
    The pre-2003 Blaster has a floating disc, so you don't need the floating plate. Take it off!
    You can take off the park brake mechanism too.
    Now you are going to have fabricate an adapter plate to mount the bare caliper to the pre-2003 swingarm bearing carrier:
    Bolt it on!
    Here it is from the other side:
    Now you need a master cylinder. Just about any mastercylinder will work:
    A tab has been welded on to the back of the cable brake lever to connect to the mastercylinder rod.
    A plate is mounted between the cable eye and the heelguard bolt. The M/C is bolted to that.
    A spacer is used to get the heelguard to clear the M/C:
    Connect up the hydraulic line, bolt the fill cup someplace out of the way, bleed the system and you are locking wheels and doing slidies my friends!
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