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Jul 30, 2017
Feb 10, 2012
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Oct 5, 1979 (Age: 41)

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Built not bought, Male, 41, from Maryland

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Jul 30, 2017
    1. blaster man1
      blaster man1
      hi got a 2002 blaster when i got it the grab bar was missing just had baby so cant aford to buy one now want to make xmas as magical as i can for new baby my blaster is my only hobby all it neads to be finished is grab bar not having one sticks out like a sorry thumb hope you have a good xmas ur just like santa giving gifts out just to make people happy
    2. 08yfzman
      I'm guessing you had the same issue I'm having with off idle jetting being rich and slow to respond to throttle with that #5 slide
    3. Cossey44
      I would be very interested in seeing, or potentially purchasing one of the Laeger 250R based frames. Do you have any information, or images I might be able to see? I appreciate any help you can provide on this.
    4. Blasterfan86
      Hi wife's blaster I have a blaster that I just bought like 2 months ago and it didn't have a grab bar. We just sold our vehicle for Christmas presents for for my three boys. My three boys are 8,6,and 4. They love riding the blaster it's been down the whole time I had it till yesterday. I think the grab bar would be a great gift for our family. It's Christmas here every day of the year for us, it's not about presents here it's about family having fun together and being safe when you are having fun.
    5. Blaster fool8
      Blaster fool8
      Can you help me? if so when i test my run switch and i put it on run it show it as 1 i think it means infinity right? does that mean its bad?
    6. Wifesblaster
      Pasadena. I grew up in Edgewater (Just south of Annapolis)
    7. harley1-5
      just curious we are from Md. just not living there now what part are you from?
    8. 89blaster89
      dang well lemme know if the swinger don't fall through
    9. Wifesblaster
      Well gbblaster has already claimed my +4 swinger, spacers, banshee fronts, 400ex rear, 34pj, and some aluminum rims/tires. I will list what I have left when I get some time. Looks like I will have the aluminum tank, a couple pieces of yellow plastics, LRD pipe, the big halogen lights, and some other small stuff for sale.
    10. 89blaster89
      when do you think you will have parts up 4 sale?
    11. jus_me
      Glad to see you had a safe trip... Hey im curious did you get a swing arm extension jig? btw that blue bike is a blaster work of art..
    12. 89blaster89
      alright just had to ask lol, Are you planning to just drop that ready to go 4mil bottom end in?
    13. 89blaster89
      interested in xbox 360
    14. cav4ever
      as soon as I free up some fun I'll be buying a cover and sending it down to you how's everything going with the Banshee did you get it running yet
    15. Wifesblaster
      The blue bike was together and the yellow bike was in pieces. Not sure what we are going to sell yet. I have to go through everything and see what is left over.
    16. 89blaster89
      bike(s) you got 2?? what build? what parts are you gonna sell? lol i need to settle down
    17. 89blaster89
      you get phragles bike?? we are all eager to see pics of the trip and of the bike!!
    18. Wifesblaster
      Pasadena. About 20 min south of Baltimore.
    19. blasterdemon7
      Where in Maryland are you ?
    20. Clark2112
      hey so my piston says, 71.95. you had said that it is a big bore kit, so what size piston do I need to buy? and can it be any year? big bore 72.00 I have been told.
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    Oct 5, 1979 (Age: 41)


    KOR powered- +4 ported 240 motor, rechambered head, v force 4 reeds, 3/8 reed spacer, CFM airbox, UNI filter, 38mm carb, tusk HD clutch, PE clutch basket, CT pipe, trinity silencer, leager frame, leager protrax front end, +3 leager swingarm, long travel motowoz shocks, extended a arms, 250R brakes, desert seat, extenEded steering stem, beadlock rims, frame guards, XFR nerfs, durablue axle, 250R sproket and hub, custom fenders, custom banshee bumper, desert grab bar, fog lighs, ASV levers, pro taper bars, twist throttle, Tach/EGT gauge, and skid plates. Rebuild thread... http://www.blasterforum.com/threads/rebuild-of-the-blastersaurus.56416/

    KOR powered- Ported cylinders, cool head, v force 4 reeds, boss intake, CFM air box, K&N filters, T5 pipes and silencers, tusk HD clutch, boss clutch basket, billet impeller, oversized radiator, temp gauge, dynatek ignition, pro taper bars, ITP rims, +2 up 1 a arms, works front shocks, -1 lonestar roundhouse swingarm, raptor 660 rear shock, nerf bars, and more to come. Rebuild thread.... http://www.blasterforum.com/threads/rebuild-on-the-free-shee.53978/
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