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Jul 31, 2014
    1. 1995blaster
      Assuming you like it? I got another one which is white and im putting a topend on it and selling it to make some cash.
      If you are talking about the orange one in my sig it is a purple one that i had when i first joined the blasterforum. Soon after i got it i switched it to the black and yellow that i believe you had seen then i just got done rebuilding it to this orange and black one. I have a build thread should check it out.
    2. Jare22
      on your bumble bee blaster; you used what kind and brand of hood? and did you have to do any mods to make it fit?
    3. little3mil
      yes i am pm me if you want one. 30 bucks shipped
    4. Blasterdude27
      Bumble bee blaster is looking good! When ya gonna have it done man!! ?
    5. 98blaster+4
      hey bud its all good, theres not a huge demand for them, just wondering. -Nick
    6. 98blaster+4
      hey bud just wondering if you sent that payment out yet. let me know bud.
    7. Awk08
      direct bolt on to the tank, but uses 5/8 fuel line, and flows like a mo-fo, 5/8 line hooks directly to my 34mm pj carb, but had to leave a short piece of the stock size line on the inlet, then the new bigger line over it and clamp for stock carbs, < no biggie
    8. Blasta_09
      Hey you got your ride up yet?
    9. Blasta_09
      Hey man I live in WI and looking for a place to ride. I live in oconomowoc which is about 45 min east of madison. Let me know if you wanna hit some trails soon. Nathan
      (586) 216-5136 call or text
    10. yzrider
      hows that bumble bee build goin, havn't heard much of it yet.
    11. 4cfed
      ahh cool... well check it out.. Wisconsin Street Dominators mostly drag racers but its a good place for tech help, and parts,
    12. 4cfed
      hey man... you on wisconsinstreetdominators by chance??? figured you were seeing you gotta malibu in your avitar
    13. matt75
      I painted my plastics with metallic blue. It was rustoleum and not meant for plastic, it worked but its not hlding up as good as i thought. I've seen alot of people like the krylin fusion plastic specific paint. I'll probably paint them again this winter. Moneys tight with my new 03 warrior rebuild, i now have two mouths to feed. Anyways, im pretty sure theres a DIY on plastic paint.
    14. callmej75
      As far as getting the bearings out, I just beat them out with a socket, and one came out with the crank when I pulled it with my puller. Putting them back in, put the bearings in a ziploc baggie, freeze them over night in the freezer, then heat up the case around the bearing with a propane torch hot enough to make water sizzle, then drop the bearing in place. If it don't drop in, you don't have the case hot enough
    15. Liquid5soul
      ok man,im gonna get on now and probably be on for a whie..i fee like shootin
    16. Liquid5soul
      which bottom end? i already bought a whole new
    17. Liquid5soul
      hye bro,the package is going out with the morning mail from work. Just giving you a heads up.
    18. matt75
      I dunno bro im gonna check on that rep point!! You definately deserve it!!... I'll check it out.. I gave you one though.. but let me check...k.. Later bro.. keep up the good work!!
    19. 1995blaster
      welln figureid id post it maybe 2 help you out thanks for the reply
    20. 98blaster
      thank you i hope i get it
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