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Aug 8, 2012
    1. Awk08
      this is exactly why i mentioned in that thread that ALL sellers on here need to provide full name/addy/cell #'s
      so buyers do not have to be left guessing and chasing people down when something like this arises
      but it still does not explain why i can clearly see you were online here 2 of those days in question ???
      11:sumthin pm one day, and 1:29am the next ????
      how can that be if you didn't have internet access ???

      just ship those parts immedietly and lets move on with this
    2. Awk08
      i was trying to keep a sense of humor about all of this with the meme
      but you were on 2 days ago at 1:29am and never responded to his numerous pm's
      whatever bro, get his and slicks stuff sent out, like it should have been long ago, and that doesn't require internet
    3. Awk08
    4. mud runner
      mud runner
      what do you want for the rims
    5. mud runner
      mud runner
      and what do you want for them
    6. mud runner
      mud runner
      thanks we have a race saturday and need them to run the set of hoosiers we just bought
    7. mud runner
      mud runner
      can you send the pics tonight and what do you want for them
    8. Quadrider10
      Alright. Lol I'm sure it's there :)
    9. Quadrider10
      idk im not home.... ill let u know sunday....
    10. 98blaster+4
      hey bud, just wanted to thank you again for making that deal right. also a tip to the wise, you might wanna invest in a better camera to take pics with, or clean the lens of the one you currently use.
    11. XxblasterboyxX
      its this kit Tusk Clutch Kit With Heavy Duty Springs | ATV | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC except i dont have the springs. and it says for crf150r but mine is for a blaster
    12. XxblasterboyxX
      hey are you interested in those clutches?
    13. speedemon17
      Noir takes a lot of work and cost a lot and basically ruins ur cylinder I will never do them again
    14. speedemon17
      I bought them?.....
    15. Longview
      Alright man, Message me when you see whats up.
    16. Longview
      More east than north, and i don't know about around him. But around me the cops are cracking down. I haven't found a decent cop-less place around me since i rebuild the engine. But i'd drive over to where your buddy is, if he got places to ride.
    17. Longview
      Oh, that's like an hour away from me. If you guys want to meet up for a ride, let me know. I:I
    18. Longview
      Attleboro/Seekonk Area. You in mass?
    19. Vermont Woods
      Vermont Woods
      Hey its scott the guy that's been emailing you about blaster parts... How did you end up doing for me? Do you still want to trade?
    20. doodleaddict
      I am thinking about trying to do a road trip maybe this fall to places all over I may her to hit you up haha if your ever out in the new Hampshire area definitely let me know
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