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May 17, 2010
    1. gearhead04
      Not yet but it's getting close. I just graduated from college and finially have time to work on it. I'll be updating my builld thread as I go now. It's the bumble bee build in the full rebuild section
    2. underwaterboy82
      yes im still selling the axle bro
    3. 4cfed
      will do, i normally get to ride 2-3 times a month, and winter time i ride every saturday and sunday on the rivers
    4. 4cfed
      not sure down there, look on the dnr website it lists atv trails by county, i got a friends parents farm we ride at now and then, other wise i go to dryacuse mounds in rome/ nekoosa wi, there is a atv park here in fond du lac but its all mx.. and i dont jump much so i dont go there
    5. Awk08
      shipped the set-up i had made out today, they dont last long, but just got another set-up in today, i will need a few days to work on the brackets, and i also just painted my sons frame today, which is what i have been using as a template, to make sure that when you get it, it fits right on, so will prolly be the end of the week before i have it ready to ship, but like i told the last few guys, if you pay for it when you are ready, that assures you get this set-up, too many guys have said they were ready, and they weren't, and someone else came along and said they would pay right now, <<they got the brakes
      i'm not tryin to push you to pay, but just statin, these things sell faster than i can make them, and money talks
      but your up to bat,
      so i'll call ya tomorrow after work????
      and we'll work sumthin out
    6. gearhead04
      definately man! Unfortunately my blaster is under construction, I'm up for riding once it's together though.
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