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Feb 22, 1996 (Age: 23)
Pacific northwest, washington

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Member, 23, from Pacific northwest, washington

still 2 strokin Feb 14, 2014

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Apr 5, 2016
    1. Herpderplol
      Hey, I just remembered u were asking about L brackets in a thread, you want a few sent with the other stuff?
    2. Herpderplol
      Heres the link I:I
      Download Skype on your computer - Mac, Windows, Linux - Skype
      My name is s0yb0y98 (zeros not o's)
    3. Herpderplol
      You can do video if u want, otherwise there's voice calls and just a chat. I figure we talk to you enough it would be easier on skype lol, faster messaging, don't have to refresh to know if the person answered
    4. Herpderplol
      Do you have skype by chance??
    5. nofxfan125
      Thanks man. It's a little filthy now though. When it's clean and the aluminum nerf bars are shining it looks so nice!
    6. cav4ever
      Black plastics and a different frame color just havent found a color I like yet
    7. cav4ever
      Thanks it trys lol, next year its getting new plastics and suspension
    8. 98blaster+4
      yeah I still run the dyno port. why whats up?
    9. Stryder917
      eeehh, i MIGHT, i'd have to look around, I've only been back in the US for about a week and a half or so, i'm not totally unpacked lol, gotta sift through my boxes, i very well might though.. what are you looking for? my blasters were a 240 and a 280, so pistons are going to be a bit strange.. i may have some OEM crankshafts layin' around, because i swapped all for hotrods.. i'll take a peek some time haha
    10. burnin'_oil_2001
      that does suck. well keep in touch and when things get settled at work and I can make a trip maybe we can work something out. It would be nice to have somebody along that knows the place.
    11. burnin'_oil_2001
      hummm, I guess I will need to check it out then as I love sand trails. I just never went because I was told that it is crazy there with a bunch of irresponsible people from portland going over there and being dangerous all of the time. Maybe I will go over in the middle of the week. thanks for the info.
    12. burnin'_oil_2001
      not yet i haven't my friends tend to only ride the dunes. I have been by sandlake to take a look and I thought about going on my brute force to explore but I haven't got it done yet.
    13. burnin'_oil_2001
      I do and I am going down to Houser the first weekend in may.
    14. Longview
      It's like the equivalent as chicken wire.
    15. 02Blaster02
      yeah we shoulddddddddd
    16. Jerry mcgregor
      Jerry mcgregor
      You still have that carb for sale?
    17. speedemon17
      first mistake looking instead of feeling go for power not looks and btw tht bike of yours is sick just get some new tires and u will put more power to the ground
    18. speedemon17
      helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hahaahahaahhahahaahahahhaahahaha
    19. Awk08
      i don't have a problem with my boots rubbing the sh*t out of the frame and seat when i wear my "over the boots" atv pants, but i do unzip the bottoms off and wear them as shorts most of the summer, the gaurds have prevented any further damage
    20. Awk08
      i held cardboard up over the tears my riding boots had made in my seat, made the cardboard template a little bigger than the tears, transfered it to aluminum treadplate, cut/shape, drill 2 holes with countersink divots and used 2 panhead stainless screws and goop glue to hold them on.
      maybe when warmer weather comes i'll make ya some
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    Feb 22, 1996 (Age: 23)
    Pacific northwest, washington
    i like riding quads i have a 89 yamaha blaster

    quads, dirtbikes, bmx biking


    87 banshee fmf pipes, airbox delete, tors delete, other misc stuff
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