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Smithville, ON, Canada
G McFeeters Enterprises Inc - Loader Operator

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Oct 7, 2014
    1. 79xs
      Did you get my PM?
    2. Awk08
      Magnaflow 49 State Coverter 45005 Catalytic Converter | eBay
    3. Awk08
      here's a place to purchase manuals for under $10
      prolly a good idea to get one.......

      or here.........

      1989-2006 Kawasaki Bayou 300 4x4 Service Repair Workshop Manual DOWNLOAD (1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006) - Download Recipes/Manuals
    4. Awk08
      it looks very difficult to find the manual for the earlier years bayous, but here's a later model manual, i'd say of the flywheel looks the same, it'll come off the same ?
      everybody on the kawasaki forums say this is the same motor, just different size bore, and different plastics, but essentually the same bike, so this manual will work for your needs.................
      2003-05 Bayou 250 Service Manual.pdf
    5. Awk08
      you already have the cover i was talkin about off
      and whoaaa, that looks way different than the 300 lakota motor i worked on
      what is the flywheel removal procedure listed in the manual you downloaded ???
      maybe it's a defferent than in there ???
      lemme see if i can find you a bayou manual online
      hit me back with year/model/engine size
      and i'll have a look after i eat and shower, just got home from fishing
    6. Awk08
      the stator "cover" comes off by removing the bolts around the perimeter, now the flywheel under that cover needs a special flywheel puller, they are available on ebay for $15,
      are you sure your tryin to remove the correct side ??
      the stator and flywheel are located on the shifter side
      no clutch involved, it's on the other side
    7. Awk08
      i replied earlier, the gear that runs the timing chain is not inside the cases with the crank, but is uner the stator cover, i believe it is a couble gear, and also has the starter chain on it
      pull the stator cover and flywheel/stator
      i think it's behind them
    8. Awk08
      the plastic guides are from the bottom case up into the top end, and they just sit in little pockets in the bottom case, you may be able to see the tips of them sticking up into the timing gear cover, and the adjuster pushes in on the rear one to keep the chain tight, they are usually black plastic
    9. Awk08
      it's not the cases themselves where the crank is located, it's just the flywheel cover, theres a small gear on the shaft under the flywheel
      thats where the starter gears/chain are located too
      also watch that those timing chain guides stay in pace too, they like to pop out of the little notches they sit in.
      i'd also remove the timing chain self adjuster, push the spring loaded pin in and "set" the set scew, this gives you more play in the chain to get it, and that top gear on easier,
      then you re-install that adjuster, and loosen that "set screw" allowing the spring/pin to apply pressure to that back chain guide and self adjust the chain
    10. Awk08
      hope it helps ya !!!!
    11. Awk08
      check your bayou help thread
    12. 96MXBlaster
      hey i got the carbs if you want them to. so do you want the motor or motor and carbs? pm for info. and yah shuipping would be spendy because of weight and distance but yah it would make good parts. i will be starting a thread in the mxz forum on dootalk and ad me
    13. 96MXBlaster
      hye man the part motor i was talking to you about that 500 motor for your sled it needs inner crank seals. also my username on doo talk is hillclimber99
    14. Leines
      Yea that was the one....it just looked like it with the color combo... I'm looking for some plastics still so I've been watching kijiji
    15. Leines
      I think your old blue and yellow blaster might be back up for sale with a blown top end....I seen one on kijiji that looked very similar..
    16. fasterblaster(:
      Hey will you send me pictures of your cut front fenders on your blasck and green blaster they look great and I'd like to look at them for ideas
    17. alvarez racing
      alvarez racing
      100 for both sound good
    18. alvarez racing
      alvarez racing
      Did you not get the pics I sent ya
    19. alvarez racing
      alvarez racing
      You still gona want these spacers? ???
    20. alvarez racing
      alvarez racing
      Also have front wheel spacers
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    Smithville, ON, Canada
    G McFeeters Enterprises Inc - Loader Operator
    2004 Kawasaki Prairie 700 4x4 (the beast)
    HMF Slip-on

    K&N Filter
    27" ITP Mud Lites/ITP Rims
    2" High Lifter
    1992 Suzuki LT250r
    DG Exhaust

    K&N Filter
    Elka shocks
    Durablue axle
    Renthal Handlebars
    DG Bumper
    1994 Ski Doo Formula Z 583
    2007 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 4x4 (Lifted on 33" Nittos!)


    Crashing Sucks! :cool:
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