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Mar 29, 2008
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Jan 4, 2013
    1. Blasterman96
      Where did you get all of the shiny stuff on your blaster like the stator cover
    2. Quadrider10
      Getting hurt would be the last thing I would be worried about l! Lol nice man! I'm watching ur build thread
    3. Quadrider10
      so when ya want to trade? im free all week!
    4. Quadrider10
      I'm serious about that trade....
    5. Quadrider10
      Good thing u don't. U would never see it again unless I'm at a track in the air! Haha I:I
    6. Quadrider10
      trade ya my blaster for ur built 250r :D I:I deal?
    7. Tommy_5005
      hello i wanted to ask u a question i have fairly modded blaster with 0.50 over size and i was thinking about vito's what should i do to install them and what do i buy p.s i live in egypt :D
    8. bigwarren
      I'm new to this sight and just signed up. I have no idea what the hell I'm doing! My '91 used to run fine. It sat for a couple of years. The carberator and tank were gummed up. I checked the plug, and it would fire up with some starting fluid and then die. I cleaned the tank and carberator, but now it has no spark. I pulled the stator flywheel and cleaned the rust and corrosion that I found. I removed the TORS, but still no spark. I used a testlight, that I checked on a battery, and I'm sure it's good, to check the orange wire to the coil, but didn't seem to get anything. I checked some of the wires at the CDI (white/red chaser-black/red chaser) but still nothing. I tried to disconnect the killswitch wires, still nothing. I went further back to the connections just after the stator, but still don't seem to be getting anything. I did notice that while I was cranking ( kicking) it over that the low oil light and headlight will light. does this mean I'm getting power from the stator?
    9. Awk08
      i think i may have "offed" a few myself
      next time we'll pm him a stern warning, or just wax his ass !!! LOL
    10. Awk08
      i decided to just delete those 2 RIP cycle threads you closed, no need to even allow the ad to be seen by anyone
    11. little3mil
      cool man im glad your happy! your bike looks AMAZING dude
    12. Quadrider10
      lol.... insperational
    13. Quadrider10
      im still trying to figure out how u took a hole shot in a 450 class?!?!
    14. blasterBruce
      Green Status Say What , haha Thanks Man
    15. tjsdaname
      its going good this year. 1st in the points in C open, won 3 races at hawkeye downs...
      and the 450 is running great.
    16. Awk08
      haha, that worked, i'm gonna keep everybody guessing and change it back and forth randomly, LOL

      thanx for the info
    17. Awk08
      naw, i like mine like it is, i call it "camo-mod" :)
      i was just curious why you 2 guys changed, or did i start a trend, LOL
    18. Awk08
      now you ?
      whats going on with all the mods names turning green,
      i never turned blue in the first place, then paulieB turns green, and now you ....wth ????
    19. milldawg05
      hey im new to the site, I love your blaster and was curious what size swingarm you have? thinking of getting one. Thanks
    20. blasty 95
      blasty 95
      Are urs universal engineering?
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