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Apr 23, 2010
    1. yamahaman126
      Sorry man I haven't been on in awhile. Hit me up at [email protected] if you still need help.
    2. nonpoint86
      man Im not real sure about you not getting spark when you are kicking it and then when you are holding the gas kinda weird...not really sure what to do here bud sorry I couldent help you out man
    3. 2002blaster1984
      yea i have an idle screw the flat head screw right? and i diconnected the T.O.R.S but i left the wires in the top of the carb it just not hooked up is that ok like that ? and it idles and wen i hit the gas it bogs out but now when i leave it idlein and hook the white plug up to the T.O.R.S it just dies but if i leave it off it jst idles and if i hit the gas it dies out....i am getting closer b4 this it would'nt start now it start and dont move...lol thaks 4 all the help neway hit me up if u kno whats wrong or u kno how to help thanks
    4. 2000blasternewb
      do i even know you?
    5. InfamousBlaster
      do u have the T.O.R.S. still connected to your bike?? (do u still have that little box lookin ting on top of your carb cap or has it been removed?
    6. kx80berger
      do u have an idle screw on the new cap?
    7. 2002blaster1984
      yea i took it apart its clean but wen i removed the tors it idled but still no throttle i hit it and it bogs now i hooked everything up but but the controll asembly and it still kicked and idled but i hit the throttle it bogs still and then while it was idle i tryed plugin in the tors it dies completly should i just try to get another control asembly or what i am lost or is there away around it cause the carb isent dirty thanks 4 stickin wit me man i just want to ride lol
    8. yb200
      clean the carb, take it comepletely apart
    9. 2002blaster1984
      i removed the tors but now it idles but wen i hit the gas it dies out can ne1 help me please lol i want to go ridin today but now it wont move it just dies out som1 help me please:(lol
    10. blasterfreek30
      sounds like a TOR issue......they cause lots of electrical probs
    11. '02 bLaStErKiD
      '02 bLaStErKiD
      waddupp dude the only thing it could be is your TORs just remove it or play with the screw on top of the carb underneath the seat
    12. yb200
    13. 2002blaster1984
      yea wen i hold the gas in it has spark but it wont run
    14. 2002blaster1984
      the headlight bulbs bad i was told so cant do that but i put a test to it and kicked it but no spark i hit the gas and it lights up i tryed jumpin it and it seems like the bike aint on it just wines
      It has no spark when you kick it,but if you hold the throttle in it has spark?just want to be sure
    16. 2002blaster1984
      na it has compresion
    17. blasterdude14
      hmm thats pretty weird i'm not sure exactly what could cause that check all the electrical connections, turn the headlight on and kick see if it flashes. Maybe something with the stator or cdi
    18. 98blaster+4
      can you push the kickstart down with your hand?
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