How's my race cut look!

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    So last night I got bored and was taping off my fenders to get a couple different ideas on how I wanted to do my race cut. After about a half a roll of tape and lots of Google searching and different ideas, this was the end result of what I finally came up with. I'm still undecided on the back fenders though. I did take the small little Flair off of the end of the back fenders to thin them out a little bit but the fact that I took my heel guards off makes the back Fender look hideous with the open slot on the clutch cover side. Thinking about trimming my back fenders in front of the tires to even them out. I'm not all too concerned about these fenders because I'm buying the Maier race fenders anyway. Let me know how it looks and let me see what you guys are running as far as race cut! :D:D:D PicsArt_11-12-08.37.45.jpg PicsArt_11-12-08.39.00.jpg 7 PicsArt_11-12-08.40.42.jpg

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