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Mar 2, 2008
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Giving away free clues, from masshole

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Sep 16, 2017 at 8:07 AM
    1. stacypfingsten
      I'm interested in some paddles that will fit a stock blasty rear wheel. Thanks
    2. 'blanshee'man
      Well I got the grumpy part down pat :p
    3. 'blanshee'man
      I was trying to come around more, but this is weird man. We'll see what happens
    4. 'blanshee'man
      WTF is this sh*t?
      user cp,edit detail,then the second box you will see Custom user title. Be sure to save.
      Im just being a normal wise ass masshole and stating anyone that doesn't have a clue that I am giving them away for free. :)
      1. speedyslyder likes this.
    6. Herpderplol
      How do you change the words under your username? And whats yours supposed to mean? lol
    7. 'blanshee'man
      Thanks bud :) happy new year!
    8. blasterdemon7
      I may know where but it may take a longer time then it takes York to ship parts do to the difficulty of making a muffin pan that will stay in one piece.
    9. blasterdemon7
      Just taking it day by day.
    10. blasterdemon7
      How have you been doing bro ?
    11. blasterdemon7
      Glad to hear. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
    12. blasterdemon7
      How's it going brother ?
    13. Blaaster
      Hey Ian is there any chance of you sending me a few pics of a wheelie bar. re Gerry.
    14. Larry's Shee
      Larry's Shee
      I have balls but got threatened with a ban for calling "someone" out. Failed horse farm? I was equipment and building maintenance, nothing to do with the rainbow owner running the boarders off . You 'tards have nothing better to do than worry about a troll on another forum? Seems as tho his almighty builder should have sorted it out easy-peasy. Remind us all who holds the Busco Blaster record? Get a life DualChoke.
    15. cav4ever
      Yeah but the water is bad most areas had about a foot of water happy fathers day by the way
    16. 89blaster89
      lol well thats just great i just spent my money on parts to finish my kx damnit. just gotta save my pennies again, thanks for the link
    17. sam0840
      I also shot a message to ken now that i've got it all figured out. Cuz my next issue will be seeing if the 88 double pinch bolt style spindles can be modified for this set up so I can use my existing a arms
    18. sam0840
      ya sorry i just was reading his thread and saw your name in there! hope i didn't wast too much of your time.
    19. sam0840
      I just realized that you helped Jays blaster selling some of his parts. The set up I have is what he was selling if that helps you figure out if they fit or not. I didn't take the spindles with the setup because I have the stock 88 a arms. Jay said that the calipers fit the banshee spindles but now I need to know if KOR makes banshee spindles that will fit stock blaster a arms because I have the banshee hubs and disks too. Thanks again for the help.
    20. sam0840
      no problem. I am not in too much of a rush just tinkering while its still cold out.
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